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7th January 2022

2022 Marketing Trends: How to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape

Embracing the ever-evolving marketing landscape has always been crucial to succeeding in the industry and in 2021 we saw just how quickly it can need to happen. In a world of breaking news, breaking the internet, all-new trends and 10 second TikToks it’s vital to not only keep up with these changes, but to stay ahead of them. As business landscapes remain anything but stable we look into what marketing trends might lie ahead in 2022…

1. The rise and rise of influencer marketing

When HubSpot asked global marketing professionals which trends they planned to invest in for 2022, 34% said influencer marketing, putting it at the top of the list. Only a few years ago influencer marketing was somewhat looked down upon – eyebrows raised as corporates asked; does Instagram REALLY even work as part of a marketing strategy?

The reality is that yes, yes it does. When marketers collaborate with influencers and industry thought leaders in their industry, they can expand brand awareness and gain fans from the influencer’s own audience. Micro-influencers can be a good place to start – influencers with a lesser following and often a more niche one. It’s not a fool-proof winning method for all businesses, with questions particularly looming over its impact in B2B marketing, but there’s no denying that the influencer marketing trend is set to continue to boom.

2. Keep going with video – and keep it snappy

Here at Bella, we’re always recommending utilising video content to our clients. Of course, there are pros and cons to using both video and still imagery as part of your marketing strategy, but the simple reality is you can convey more information in video that your viewers can easily understand. In fact 95% of a message customers see in a video remains with them. This is something you can’t pull off with photographs. With many platforms now offering accessible video content creation why not give it a go?

3. Mobile optimisation will be even more important

This one’s a surprise to nobody; HubSpot shared that more than half of annual online website traffic comes from mobile devices, including tablets. A 2021 study revealed that the average UK citizen spends up to 6.4 hours a day on the internet using any device, which is nearly the same amount of time as an average shift at work. As millennials and Gen Z audiences continue to grow buying power, mobile-optimised digital experiences will be even more vital to consider as a business owner who markets to these fast-paced, highly connected generations.

4. Companies will prioritise social responsibility

As the COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on the world, it highlighted the pains employees had to endure in the workplace and in politics. Social responsibility, ethics, and transparency matter to the modern consumer and we expect it to become increasingly prevalent in businesses this year. It’s not necessarily the way to sell products & services immediately but showing a sense of social responsibility is still both thoughtful and effective. We mentioned earlier about living in a world of change, perhaps the role of corporate social responsibility is one aspect of change we actually can control, and should do?

5. Experiential marketing could make a comeback

Experiential marketing campaigns enable audiences to step into an immersive experience that is often in a physical space or via an AR/VR platform. As public areas continue to reopen many of us are going to be keen to get out and experience something new. The high street most certainly suffered in 2021 but this new year and the country’s vaccination status means experiential marketing could indeed be back. If you want to see who does it well, take a look at our client Immersive AV for some top inspiration.

6. More businesses will use SEO to generate search traffic

As marketers we must ensure that our websites and content are as discoverable as possible – especially on Google, which can provide both long-term and short-term traffic returns. And, while SEO is not new, its strategies are becoming even more ingrained within modern day marketing strategies. SEO has become about much more than churning out basic posts that answer simple search queries; and let’s face it, if one thing is for certain in this ever-evolving marketing landscape, it’s that Google isn’t going anywhere.

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