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7th March 2022

Brand Partnership: H&H Classics x Edd China’s Workshop Diaries

We are delighted to have completed an agreement with Edd China’s Workshop Diaries for a brand partnership on behalf of our client H&H Classics.

Edd China is the quintessential British eccentric, TV presenter, inventor, technical engineer & product designer.

Fixing things, engineering product design, innovation and mechanical engineering are what makes him tick. Always keen to connect things that aren’t normally connected, he created the World’s first street legal driving sofa in 1998, the ‘casual lofa’ which got him his first Guineas World Record doe ‘fastest furniture’ at 87 mph!

Edd China’s Workshop Diaries has a subscriber base of 925,000 and is rising fast.

H&H Classics are the oldest continuously trading classic car & bike auction house in Europe with an enviable track record including being one of just five auction houses worldwide to have ever sold a car for over €10 million.

You can view the Workshop Diaries YouTube channel here and the H&H Classics website here.

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