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About the Project

Landcare and its sister company POS Landcare needed a brand new website to help showcase their range of services to clients and potential clients.

The Solution

We created a new website with a homepage which directs visitors in a clear and simple manner to either the Landcare or POS Landcare side of the site.

The companies offer two distinct services:

The Landcare service is designed to cater for negative value or orphan sites large or small, where sufficient value cannot be realised through further development.

The POS Landcare service provides exit strategies for house builders, property developers and land owners to divest themselves of liabilities and on going maintenance of residual and non developable land.

The website features current case studies, testimonials, image gallery, news and a brochure download across both sides of the site. The site is quick and easy for the visitor to navigate and moving from one side of the site to the other can be done with one click no matter where on the site the visitor finds themselves.

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