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About the Project

Norlon Media, London based specialists in broadcast, video, news gathering and web cast production needed branding and a website that represented the company and provided a showcase for their services.

The Solution

We created the brand design for Norlon Media using a monogram of the initials for their company name, presenting them in a simple style which represents the electrical and data connections that are crucial to the production of TV and video. A background pattern was then created using the new icon and will be used across all branded items including the website, PowerPoint presentations and stationery. The website followed suit of the monochrome logo with each service using a highlight colour to help visitors differentiate between the pages at a glance.


“MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!!¬†Please accept our thanks and gratitude for what is a top website… exactly what we required and a stunning visual interpretation.¬†In simple terms, I am extremely proud to launch our site onto the world!”

Paul Shapiro
Norlon Media

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