Showcase - PPC

PPC Campaign

About the Project

We won a 3 way pitch to set up and manage an ongoing PPC campaign for this major North West based industrial equipment distribution and manufacturing business. The company had engaged SEO/PPC specialists previously with little or no success, resulting in poor quality traffic arriving onto their website, with high bounce and low conversion rates, not to mention lots of wasted budget.

The Solution

We quickly established the errors the previous SEO/PPC consultants had been making, rectified them and from that point constantly monitored and optimised the campaign. Goals were set, ensuring conversion rates could be correclty monitored and reported to the client.

The Results

Within 2 months the bounce rate had been reduced by 60%, the campaign cost had been cut by 50%, the average cost per click was reduced by 23% and the click through rate was up by a very impressive 111%.

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