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About the Project

New website launched for leading environmental testing company, RegenIQ Analytical Services. RegenIQ is a provider of fast-response, environmental testing solutions. Their old website was outdated and had stopped generating enquiries so we welcomed the opportunity to re-design it.

The Solution

The website needed to present a forward-thinking company at the cutting edge of new technology. A clean, clinical feel was required to reflect the scientific nature of the company’s work.

The central design device of the new website is the periodic table, whereby the menu items are represented by various chemical elements.

For example, Home = Hydrogen (H) with an atomic number of 1. This quirky feature doubles as a practical tool for easy navigation around the site. The scientific aesthetic is further strengthened by the use of a molecular graphic within the home page back drop. A series of graphical icons has been integrated to present the company’s various services. The new website now accurately portrays RegenIQ as a leader in the field, equipping them to compete in this highly competitive, ever-growing market sector.

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