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24th September 2014

Why B2B Branding Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Is your business looking to update, evolve or replace its brand identity?

Today, a brand identity must work across diverse platforms including print and digital. Whether you require a completely new brand identity or want to refresh an existing brand we will work with you to help achieve your objectives.

Brand strength is key. Here at Bella Design and Marketing, we help businesses translate their brand strategy into a distinctive brand identity. Great branding will ensure that your key messaging resonates with your target audience and once a brand gains recognition, it sets customers’ expectations for a particular experience.

For businesses, making a purchase can be regarded as even more valuable than that of B2C purchases. Buy the wrong dishwasher tablets? No problem, buying a different brand when your unwanted box runs out isn’t the end of life as you know it. Buy the wrong machine for your manufacturing company and you could seriously damage your company’s monthly output and delay profits.

As an intangible asset, branding evokes emotional and rational images in the minds of your audience and can enhance the apparent value of your business. Companies with perceived brand strength consistently outperform weaker brands, simply because decision-makers are willing to pay a premium for a more refined experience. Established brands can reduce the risk to a company. Business-buyers purchase decisions are built on reputation and familiarity acts as an indicator for success.

People are persistently bombarded with messages, each competing to shout the loudest about how their brand is unique from its competitors. Audiences are unlikely to remember a message unless it is compelling, ongoing and constantly evolving. Repetition of what your brand stands for is essential, but this must be done in innovative ways. Your brand will not resonate with your target audience if they are being fed the same old tiresome message. They want to see punchy, powerful and descriptive messages with attention-grabbing visuals. A clearly defined and targeted message will build the right brand associations in your prospects’ minds.

We help businesses with everything from establishing the key messages associated with your company or project brand, to visualising an identity and developing your brand across print and digital media as required. We believe that consistency is crucial and we are committed to ensuring your brand identity maintains its fresh, unique appearance. We want your brand to be unforgettable.

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