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9th September 2014

Becoming Socially Aware

We have recently announced the extension of our PR and Social Media offering to add value to the current services we deliver to our clients and prospective clients.

With the use of social media constantly on the rise, now has never been a better time for businesses to integrate it into their marketing strategy. A powerful tool to increase prominence online, it enables companies to directly target their relevant audience and communicate with them in real-time. Here at Bella Design, we will work with clients to develop strong campaigns both in the media and through social networking, in line with our continued growth in delivering effective digital graphic design and marketing campaigns.

It is becoming increasingly crucial for companies to have visibility on social networking sites. Not only is it a fast and effective way of communicating with an audience, it is also a way to attract a host of potential customers. Building on your brand awareness through the use of social media encourages customer engagement, providing open communication with your audience. You will have instant access to customer feedback and with this comes an opportunity to develop rapport, helping to foster customer loyalty.

Social media is a great way of driving website traffic. By promoting your content, not only are you generating a buzz for each new blog or news article you publish, but you will enhance presence on your website. Redirecting your audience to your site, gives them an opportunity to learn more about who you work with, what you do and how you do it.

With the introduction of LinkedIn Showcase, companies are provided with an even bigger platform to demonstrate their competencies and their USP. This new extension to your Company Page promotes your areas of expertise allowing for customers and/or clients to fully understand and engage with a specific aspect of your business that they’re interested in. Sharing content with a targeted audience increases engagement with relevant contacts and enables you to build authority in everything that you do.

Not all companies are best suited to the same social media forum; audiences can be targeted on different sites where content is relayed in different formats. Bella Design and Marketing is adept at identifying how best to promote your business on multiple platforms.


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