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24th June 2014

The Benefits of Blogging

It’s often the case when clients approach us to help them develop their web presence, they are unaware of the benefits of blogging.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, if a business has commissioned a new website or is keen to develop a social media profile, blogging appears unrelated. However this is simply not the case. Once a business has a fully functioning website in place, blogging is probably the next most important tool to focus on.

Bella Design and Marketing encourages clients to think of their website as the back bone of their internet presence. However even a WordPress website is somewhat inflexible unless its blogging capability is developed. This is because the pages on a website generally cover the essential elements of a business:  the who, what, products, services, prices, distributors and perhaps an e-commerce facility. Once it’s up and running, a website generally doesn’t need to be altered much.

The question then arises, how can a business supply Google with fresh content? Google is well known to favour fresh, recent content. It’s not feasible to keep adding web pages but blog posts can be added as and when required. It’s this SEO friendly feature of blogging that makes it all but essential. And because WordPress has a blogging feature built-in, it’s typically the first choice for most websites.

Blogging then allows a business to continue to add to its web presence. In this way, it’s also a semantic opportunity because it allows you to build broad based customer-friendly content. Posts can express the business’s views on various topics, feature case studies or address common customer queries. The possibilities are almost endless. It’s also important to appreciate that adding semantic content creates more ranking opportunities and that should mean, ultimately, more traffic.

If a business wishes to develop a social media profile it’s essential to have content to share.  This content should be non-selling in style. Options include funny or helpful content but regardless people should be motivated to share it. Blog posts are the perfect foil. The most social media aware companies share a range of content including competitions, promos and images.

Blog posts also allow a business to address different customer personas. For example, your website content might be largely written for one type of buyer. However you can also create additional content for other types of buyer. For example, a jewellery company might create its site with women in mind, but address its male audience with a post about St Valentine’s Day.

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