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7th January 2015

Blogging for businesses

As content marketing continues to make waves, we’ve taken a look at some of the top reasons businesses should be blogging. Although creating original, engaging content takes time and initiative, it does add value. Communicating with your clients and prospects is essential, and blogs provide another platform to engage with them in an educational and interesting way. Blogs give you the opportunity to answer any questions that are posed by your industry and your clients, positioning your business as attentive and informed.

Here are some of the factors we believe make blogging worthwhile.

Generate More Traffic to Your Website

With blogging comes the SEO benefits, giving you the opportunity to show up in search engines organically. By integrating keywords into your posts, it increases the chances of people finding your company in their searches. Regularly updating your website with new posts is looked upon favourably by search engines such as Google, who rate dynamic sites above static, basic websites.

Targeted Communication

Regularly updating a blog allows for regular communication with your target audience. Creating content that is helpful, educational and stimulating will build trust with your audience and enable the establishment of industry expertise, positioning you as a thought leader.

Gives You a Voice

Blogging gives your business a more personable approach. No longer focusing solely on selling services, your target audience will be provided with more insight into who you are as a business and where your specialties lie.

Share Your Expertise

Share knowledge, insight, expertise and opinions that will encourage your audience to think more highly of you. Establishing your business as an expert in the industry will help prospects to keep you at the forefront of their mind.

Opportunity to Generate Leads

Add a call-to-action to every blog post to entice prospects to sign up to newsletters, white papers, or to encourage them to phone you directly if they think you could help.

Social Media

Sharing your blog posts via your social media channels will increase the reach of each post, in turn increasing traffic to your website. Interested parties may comment on or retweet your posts, enabling you to initiate conversation and begin relationship building.

Stay Ahead of the Pack

In order to maintain a successful, content-fresh blog, you are required to stay on top of the latest industry news, trends and your competitors. Commenting on recent developments and offering your business’ personal opinion will position your company as a leader, not a follower.

Cost-effective Marketing

Whilst being relatively cost free, each post you publish helps to build brand awareness and maintain your position as a thought leader within your business sector.

Does your business need to take a leap into the blogging world but doesn’t have the time or skill set to do so effectively? Our talented team of creatives can devise a content strategy that suits your business needs, developing your online presence.

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