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13th January 2014

Brand Design Cheshire

We offer brand design services to companies large and small. Whether you’re creating a brand for a new venture or refreshing what’s in place, we can help.

Our core philosophy on branding is that it must speak your customers’ language if it’s going to be effective. Your brand and its application in various different forms must say the right things about your company and its products or services.  It should also differentiate your company from its competitors.

Branding and logo development are key elements of marketing.  They effectively represent, in a kind of short hand, what your company stands for.  In other words, a brand is a promise and sets customers’ expectations.

A logo is the most obvious element of a brand. Any treatment must be thoughtfully applied. At Bella Design we’re experienced at transforming a brief into an effective brand treatment. We do this by treating brand design as a collaborative effort.

For new logos and branding assignments we are able to marry design flair with marketing expertise. Client input is essential to the success of a branding exercise. All branding development is tailored to your specific company.  Some clients come to us with a fully fleshed out brief. Others prefer assistance in the form of a branding workshop. The output brings together our creativity and your business requirements. We can also create brand guidelines to accompany any branding exercise to give you more control over how your branding is used within the company and by third parties.

We can also help re-fresh an existing brand. Companies don’t stand still. Nor do their markets. Logos and branding can benefit from being updated.  With today’s reliance on the internet some clients find their logos need to be revived to be more impactful online. Alternatively, other clients need their logo to work harder for them internationally.

Our experienced designers and marketing consultants work across a range of sectors including commercial property, recycling, transport, engineering, technology and media.  To find out how we can help create a new brand for your business or breathe life into am existing one call our design team on 01565 757 825 for an initial discussion.

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