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7th January 2014

Brand Development Cheshire

We offer brand development services through Cheshire and beyond. When talking about branding it’s important to deal with the elephant in the room first and to confirm what branding isn’t. Your brand is not your logo. Successful brand development, in our opinion, relies heavily on business expertise to capture the identity of a business.

A brand is a promise above all else. It’s also captured in personality, an identity, and everything from price to service. Every brand has a series of attributes although you may not at this moment in time be able to articulate yours. But a brand is often recognisable by a logo, music, combination of colours or even an advert.

A well-developed and recognisable brand is able to influence its customers in a positive way as long as the promise of the brand is congruent with customers’ experiences. If you’re looking for this kind of brand development we can help your business identify the values, personality and experiences that are central to it. Once established we can then identify whether and how this information influences the way your business operates and how it communicates with its target audiences.

Once branding is established we can then help create a brand identity which is the visual expression of your brand through logo creation and typography. Typically during a project we develop several options before agreeing with you the final design. We can also develop brand guidelines for you at the same time. These give you control over how your branding is used inside and outside the company.

As you might expect, other considerations flow from brand development. Everything from stationary to web design and even your fleet may be impacted by the creation of your new brand identity. We can help with any manifestation of your brand including web design, signage and literature.  Just call us on 01565 757 825 for an initial chat on how we can help.

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