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24th February 2014

Brochure Design that Makes a Difference

At Bella Design in Cheshire we believe successful brochure design does two things. It conveys something significant about your business and/or its products or services, this should be a given. It must also deliver content effectively, including key messages, in a way that’s meaningful to your audience.

Different markets call for different treatments. In some sectors, businesses can be innovative in the way they present themselves, others are rather more traditional. Regardless of the industry you operate in, your corporate brochure should strike a chord with your market. The brochure should leave the recipient wanting to know more about your business or moved to want to buy your products or services.

Corporate / company brochure design

For small and medium sized businesses, a corporate or company brochure has a number of jobs to do depending on the audience. It is vital the selected design, copywriting, typography and photography capture not just what the business does but also its ethos and values. Whether you wish to produce your first company brochure or refresh existing materials we can produce a company brochure to be proud of.

Property brochure design

We have extensive experience producing brochures for all kinds of market sectors from shopping centres looking for commercial tenants to luxury residential and large scale commercial developments, we are able to create property marketing materials for all sorts of different audiences.

Marketing brochures and leaflets

Many businesses are now moving away from general marketing materials to those which are sector specific. Whether you are accountants, engineers, a utility or property development company, we can design cost effective marketing brochures and leaflets according to your brief. It’s our experience that businesses get more out of their marketing brochures and leaflets when they draw upon the company’s corporate design. This means the company’s branding is not unduly diluted.

Product brochure and catalogue design

At Bella Design we believe quasi technical marketing materials don’t have to be boring or work a day, rather they need to incorporate some technical information and photography in order to do their job effectively. Using technical copywriters and professional photographers, we produce technical brochures for a range of businesses including component suppliers and distributers.

Design and print

We are also able to offer a commercial design and print service. If you have your own copywriters and photographers we can design your brochure according to your brief focusing on the design and print elements. This service often suits larger clients or those that already have their copywriting and photography in place.

So if you’re looking for engaging and impactful brochure design in Cheshire please call us on 01565 757 825.

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