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26th September 2014

Building a Brand Online

Going beyond logos and identity, a brand drives stakeholder relationships. A brand should enable customers to connect with the company on an emotional level. Small businesses may think branding is just for large corporates but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bella Design and Marketing helps businesses of all sizes define brands, market and exploit their potential online.

When creating a brand identity the starting point should be the space the product or business occupies in the market. It’s also important to have customer research to hand so that the brand can then be positioned to meet the needs of customers both on an emotional and rational level. Different brands can occupy more or less the same space in the market but their brand identities can be very different.

A brand should exude a personality. Consumers relate to other people, the brains behind the brands. A company shouldn’t appear faceless; connecting with its audience requires feelings. This allows a business to flesh out what it believes in even to the point of considering what its brand heroes are. This can also help further furnish a brand with its positioning – how it’s perceived by customers.

Once a business has engaged in brand development at a personal level trust evolves with its audience. Small businesses can exploit this using social media. Social media channels are a great way to engage with customers, but it is important to find the right voice. A business (or brand) should never try to be anything it’s not. Honesty and consistency in all dealings with customers is essential, enabling the build-up of long term relationships.

Personality is essential.

It is crucial to remember that every brand is supported by a pricing strategy. A soft launch may not incorporate any form of price discounting but it’s common to use price promotions when launching formally. These work well on social media, but it’s important that any future discounting is consistent with the brand. It’s easy to undermine a premium position or simply the belief a brand is desirable.

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