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19th April 2017

What can a multi-lingual website do for your business?

Global commercial battery manufacturers Eternity Technologies instructed Bella Design & Marketing to create branding, a suite of marketing collateral and a new mobile friendly website to help fully reflect their enviable reputation in the market. The website was required in 3 languages- English, German and Spanish.

If you are considering a website in multiple languages, here are 6 benefits to consider:

  • It gives your brand an international presence, at a minimal cost
  • With every language that is added to the site, there is a potential for an increase in sales
  • Usability research demonstrates that web users prefer to browse in their native language
  • Can give you a competitive advantage
  • Translating a website is an effective way of boosting SEO
  • The text can be written bespoke per language and integrated into the site

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