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17th July 2014

Changes to the way Google Adwords’ Quality Score is calculated

Is your business keeping up to date with changes to the way Google Adwords’ Quality Score is calculated?  In our experience, advertisers who manage their own campaigns are less likely to achieve an above average quality score. This means you will pay a premium to obtain well-positioned ad’s, if they are shown at all.

While Google stresses it wishes to provide advertisers and searchers with a positive experience, it realises many businesses will never have ad’s with good quality scores.  The dilemma for Google is that these underperforming ad’s make up a large slice of Adwords’ revenue.  Your Adwords’ Account should work for your business, not Google, obvious but worth stating.

The Adwords’ account interface has always provided advertisers with a huge amount of data to analyse.  How often does your team download this management information? This is perhaps one of the issues – knowing what to focus on.  There are many actionable statistics in an Adwords account, but they may not tell the whole story and they may not convey real-time information.

In recent years Google has been criticised for its lack of transparency. While many announcements are made with some fanfare, changes can occur without any formal announcement or before an announcement is made.

Following the release of a White Paper by Google Adwords, focusing on Quality Score, it’s clear that having focused Ad Groups is now “officially” essential. Any new keyword added to an existing ad group is unlikely to be given its own quality score. To start with, new keywords will in fact assume the quality score of related keywords.

This means, attempting to boost quality score by adding more keywords is likely to be a false economy. It’s likely to be more productive to create a new ad group. Businesses also need to think about device specific keywords, ad copy and landing pages. Format can have a big influence here which means achieving a good quality score is ever more important.

At Bella Design and Marketing we are able to overhaul existing Adwords’ campaigns or create new ones.  All campaigns are fully managed, taking account of any new Adwords developments. Call us today to find out how we can help with your Google Adwords camapign

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