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16th October 2014

Corporate Identity Design

Is your business’s corporate identity design in need of a re-fresh? Whether a new business needs a design developing from scratch or an identity is evolving as a business grows, we can create a bespoke branding treatment.

It is common for businesses to adjust the visual treatment of their corporate identities or to adjust the design to make it more visibly appealing. For example, the creation of a bespoke symbol, where none has existed before, can help take a business’s brand awareness to the next level.  It is important to ensure, however, that the use of symbols, logotypes and word marks  are consistent with how the business is perceived.

At Bella Design and Marketing, as well as undertaking product and service branding projects, we help clients meet their corporate branding objectives. All branding projects are geared to making your business, product or service distinctive in its marketplace.

A corporate identity is an essential part of a business’s brand. It encapsulates how a business is perceived by stakeholders and should encapsulate a business’s USPs. Refreshing or developing a corporate identity design often accompanies changes to a business. An identity design is, after all, a visual expression of its ethos and positioning.

Our talented team of designers and marketeers can assist in the over-haul of an existing identity design or the creation of a new one. Committed to helping with the implementation of a new design, we work with clients to create corporate identity guidelines to ensure a new treatment is used consistently by all stakeholders across all media. This is a very important part of controlling and managing corporate identity. We also provide clients with the full range of design files required to use the new or adjusted design.

Additionally, if required, we can devise and execute engaging marketing campaigns to promote a new or adjusted brand design. A fully integrated campaign can be developed to achieve specific objectives and within a pre-agreed budget.

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