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17th January 2020

Exploring environmental concerns through illustration and design

Knutsford Schools Sustainability Award

Here at Bella we care about the environment and, as you’ve probably noticed, concerns for the environment are on the rise, continuing to make the headlines as our impact on the planet is becoming more apparent. The issues we are facing have now becoming a catalyst for designers around the world.

Jack Snelling and Lizzie Lomax came to the realisation that this issue is most likely to impact the younger generation and as a result have created Seed Magazeen, an illustrated magazine aimed at engaging kids with the environment. Jack initially had the idea, a project that would put his skills as an illustrator to good use. By combining illustration and design, they are helping to educate the younger generation and inspiring them to get involved in the natural world around them.

The idea initially started early January in 2019, understanding the high levels of engagement from schools based around climate strikes. This project was an active move on their part to impact children significantly, improving their relationship and understanding of the natural world. Their goal is to eventually make Seed Magazeen accessible to children across the UK, free in schools and libraries no matter their economic background. To read more about this click here.

With two illustrators within our own design team at Bella, this project highlights the impact illustration can have through design. Campaigns that merge design and illustration provide variation and promote creativity without being confined to the realist limitation of such forms as photography. It can be interpreted and adapted depending on the subject matter, allowing a visual aid that often provides added value to design work.

Bella has recently provided support to the Knutsford Schools for Sustainability initiative, a campaign that works with local schools and businesses to reduce plastic consumption. The school children identify local businesses which are taking measures to reduce plastic waste, and award them with a bespoke certificate.

When developing marketing campaigns for our clients, we are increasingly incorporating strategies around sustainability and environmental impact. We recently implemented a campaign for our client ITR, as part of their objective to support a more sustainable events industry.

Last Christmas, ITR partnered with charitable organisation, The Tree Appeal, pledging to plant 20 trees each month to help offset their carbon footprint. As part of the initiative, over 600 individual Christmas tree saplings were sent out to ITR’s clients, engaging their customer base with their sustainable objectives and kickstarting their dedication to the 2020 campaign. We are looking forward to our continued work with ITR, to strengthen this campaign over the next year and to incorporate even more environmentally focussed campaigns across a range of other clients and sectors.

View ITR’s sustainable events project page here.

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