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27th May 2014

Facebook Remarketing Services

Bella Design has been at the forefront of championing remarketing tools for medium and small businesses for some time now.   We can offer Facebook Remarketing services on a standalone basis or as part of a package of marketing initiatives.

In essence, Facebook remarketing allows the advertiser to find people on Facebook who have visited their website.

This can work well if customers spend time on Facebook and are also likely to shop around. In some sectors customers are known to compare prices between different suppliers. Being able to target these customers specifically is a much easier exercise than advertising to customers who have never heard of a business.

Your business or marketing team may already be conversant with Google’s Adwords’ remarketing product. In this instance the remarketing ad’s appear as Adsense ad’s. It remains to be seen whether the Facebook tool is more effective but early work for clients has been very encouraging. Even if your business hasn’t utilised Adwords, Facebook remarketing may still be effective.

Facebook advertising is still an unknown quantity for many. Suffice to say, businesses who take the DIY approach don’t always get it right. Although a remarketing campaign can be fine-tuned to rule out those prospects not in your target group, this is not an approach we’re likely to take, although ultimately our clients have the final say. Businesses should consider whether it’s worth throwing away visitors who are already (to some extent) positively predisposed to your business. It’s the view of our experts that anyone who has bothered to visit your site is worth reminding of your businesses offer.

Effectively the Facebook remarketing tool allows advertisers to create specific ad’s for an audience. These can be based on visitors to a specific page or a whole site.  Depending on the nature of the campaign / business, Bella Design can take either approach and will even set up campaigns for you to manage in-house.

Any advertising campaign should ultimately achieve the goals you set. This is where the experts at Bella Design can help. Whether your business wants to increase a list of prospects, generate sales, or generate requests for samples of a new product, Facebook remarketing is worth exploring. However it’s important that if you also advertise on other platforms that your campaigns are integrated and don’t work against each other. This and the need to make remarketing cost-effective are other reasons why you should ask as about how our Facebook Remarketing service can help you achieve your business goals.

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