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1st June 2015

Google Analytics: Measure your website’s success

Gathering intelligence about the traffic reaching your site allows you to learn and adapt your marketing methods and onsite content to increase the performance of your website.

Google Analytics is a great way of monitoring where your audience is coming from and what they want, and it’s FREE!

Find out below how Google Analytics can provide you with all you need to know about the performance of your website. Are you wondering how many people visit your site each month, and from which device? Google Analytics has it covered. Find out more here:

Who visited your site – user’s geographical location, which browser they used, what device they used, language etc

How did they find your website – how long users stay on your website, which pages they are visiting the most, which page is causing users to leave most often, how many pages an average user is viewing etc

Where did they arrive on your website from – how the user found you, whether it was through a search engine (e.g. Google, Bing), email marketing campaigns, social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), a link from another website (e.g. a banner ad), or an organic direct search

How users interact with your sites content – how many users clicked on a specific link, or shared the content via social links or via email

Identify your worst performing pages – view your ‘top exist’ pages, how many people are arriving and exiting on a particular page. You need to consider why people are leaving the site from these pages. Do you have a call-to-action on the page?

Monitor bounce rates – the number of users who have come to your site and left immediately, i.e. they didn’t click on a single page once they got there. The lower the percentage the better, but if a high proportion of visitors are leaving the site immediately, this could mean your site isn’t visually impactful, has a poor layout and/or the content is of low quality and not what the user is looking for

Average time on page – this will tell you if visitors are engaged with your content. You can also measure the number of pages per visit which highlights visitors’ interest in your site. If visitors are not spending much time on your site it may suggest that you need to work on your content, layout, design or quality of visitors

Are you not receiving as many mailing list sign-ups or product purchases as expected? Google Analytics will provide you with the information you need to help improve your visitors’ experience during their time on your site. Data from these analytics allow you to make improvements to your sites and make it easier for your audience to reach their destination or find what they were looking for.

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