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24th January 2020

How Oatly uses print media to deliver impactful and credible self-aware campaign

Oatly Billboard Campaign

To celebrate Veganuary, Oatly has launched its biggest and most expensive marketing campaign in regional cities outside of London, such as Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol and Brighton.

To launch its brand awareness campaign, Oatly has cleverly taken a multi-media marketing approach to ensure mass reach, incorporating print media, radio, podcasts, experiential, PR, influencer and social into its strategy.

In a digital-driven world, it’s interesting to see modern brands like Oatly use print media to reinforce its nonsensical self-aware marketing theme through messages such as “You actually read this? Total success”.

Bella’s marketing team believes that the campaign, which humours the ‘traditional’ and ‘outdated’ approach of print, in fact reflects how marketers are increasingly turning to print media to deliver impactful and credible results which converge well with digital campaigns.

In 2020, do you think that we might see an increase in brands utilising print to diversify in the competitive digital landscape?

To read the article by The Drum here.

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