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8th May 2014

The Importance of Responsive Websites

How people browse the internet and social media is changing rapidly. In 2014 the vast majority of people going online access the internet on a ‘multiscreen’ basis. This means they use a number of devices including mobile, tablet and laptop. Only a minority of people use a PC and nothing else, mobile internet and search is regarded as the big area of growth.

It’s also true smart phones and tablets allow people to access the internet while they are out and about. Think about a situation where you are introduced to someone at a networking event. On the way back to the office you might look up their company website, but what if the website doesn’t display properly?

Old fashioned fixed websites were generally only optimised for different browsers.  A responsive website on the other hand will display correctly across a number of different platforms including mobile. At the very worst, a fixed site is simply unusable on a mobile. On a tablet it may be slightly better but doesn’t create the right professional impression.

There are serious business consequences if your website hasn’t kept up with the times. Not only will customers, clients and suppliers not take your online presence seriously, but high bounce rates and coding issues can lead to problems with Google and may impact the rankings of your website.

Thanks to responsive websites it’s generally no longer necessary or desirable to build different websites for different platforms, although that remains an option if content varies dramatically across different platforms. A responsive website, correctly configured, can handle it all and provide a much improved visitor experience. What’s good for visitors is generally good for business.

Responsive websites have become an essential business tool, so their cost has come down making them accessible to all businesses. As with any form of web site, design and content are also key.

At Bella Design we create responsive websites for clients across a range of markets, including commercial and residential property, renewable energy, recycling, engineering, consultancy, recruitment, media and many more. The relevant version of the website is automatically displayed according to the device the site is being viewed on (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile). If you would like to explore what a responsive website could do for your business please call 01565 757 825 and ask for Paul or Tessa

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