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28th November 2014

Improving Your Company LinkedIn Page

With more than 300 million users reaching a total of two hundred countries and territories geographically, LinkedIn gives companies the opportunity to reach prospects on a much wider, global scale. It is an essential B2B platform for both deepening existing client relations and forming valuable relationships with target customers. We’ve written some handy tips to help you make the most of your Company LinkedIn Page.

Content, Content, Content:

Your Company page should contain a variety of content, both promotional, be it company news or product announcements, and opinion posts and insights. Populating your Company page with thought provoking, interesting content will establish your business as an industry expert, positioning you as a thought leader and help increase brand awareness. To better engage your audience, finish your post with a question and reply to any comments, initiating a discussion that could develop into a valuable relationship.

Create Powerful Article Titles and Summaries

Creating succinct updates with an attention grabbing article title will encourage click-throughs. By keeping your article extract short and sweet, accompanied with an interesting image, you will immediately capture and maintain attention, enticing your audience to click-through to read the full article. A call-to-action should also be integrated into each post to help boost lead generation.

Be Visual:

Using images and infographics to capture attention will make your Company page more visually appealing to visitors. People are drawn to images, and eye-catching infographics can capture an audience’s attention through the use of vibrant colours and graphics. Viewers are more likely to share visual content, and in doing so will inadvertently direct their connections to your page, ultimately increasing brand awareness.

Utilise LinkedIn Showcase Pages

With the introduction of LinkedIn Showcase, companies are provided with an even bigger platform to demonstrate their competencies and their USP. This new extension to your Company Page allows you to highlight different aspects of your business and build relationships with targeted followers. Showcase pages can be populated with relevant news stories, case studies, information and visuals. Sharing content with a targeted audience increases engagement with relevant contacts and enables you to build authority in everything that you do.

Contribute To Relevant Industry Discussions:

Joining and participating in industry-specific groups will raise your company profile, and may lead to the formation of new, appropriate relationships. By regularly contributing to relevant discussions, you will communicate with potential business connections and engage a new audience by sharing relevant blog content and insights.

‘Follow’ Button Onto Website

Finally, by adding a ‘follow us button’ to your company website, it lets your website visitors know they can connect with your company on LinkedIn to stay updated on all your latest developments and insights.

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