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21st October 2014

How Infographics Can Help Your Business

In recent times, infographics have made a big impact. A platform to deliver visual representations of complex information, data or knowledge, infographics produce clearly displayed messages for easy retention.

People are drawn to images, and eye-catching infographics can capture an audience’s attention through the use of vibrant colours and graphics. Relaying information via an infographic can help people cut to the essence of what they are looking for. Businesses can utilise infographics to increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience.

With nearly 2 billion social media users worldwide sharing imagery, blog posts, thoughts and ideas constantly, the world has become saturated with content. In the business world, larger companies have a natural advantage, in that consumers search out their brands to purchase products or services. But if your business isn’t one of them, how can you create leverage? How can you drive people to your business’s site? Infographics have become increasingly popular, with the best going viral and easily generating a high number of shares.  In previous years, a press release would have accomplished much the same thing, but today, the internet and social media in particular, are very visually driven. Sharing on social media platforms is a quick and easy way to reach people which can, in turn drive people to your website.

The secret of producing an effective infographic is to design it so people can quickly and easily grasp its meaning.  Combining images, colour and content in a social media friendly way requires graphic-design and marketing skills. This is where Bella Design and Marketing can help. The inspiration for an infographic comes from the client via a brief.  It is then our role to create a graphic in line with the business’s brand, which will generate high levels of engagement and interest from the target audience.

Infographics can be used by clients in a variety of contexts. As well as shared on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter they can be added to website pages and e-brochures.

If your business could benefit from sharing data or key messages in a visually enticing infographic, get in touch today.

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