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25th November 2014

Instagram; A Platform For Businesses?

One of the latest social media platforms taking the digital world by storm is Instagram. With 200 million monthly active users sharing over 60 million photos/videos each day, the visual medium empowers you to connect with people around the world.

If your business is looking to increase brand visibility in a new market, Instagram is a great way to go.  The mobile-first, visually focused creative community has developed into a marketing and social engagement network, enabling businesses to fine-tune brand messages and leverage interactions. Sharing your brand’s story and company culture through imagery gives your business a personality.

For B2B businesses, the prospect of integrating Instagram into their marketing strategy is daunting. Many still view it as a consumer-targeted platform, not for use by corporate companies. However, technological developments are continually shifting the way in which businesses can build awareness of their brand and products/services.

Preaching about what you do and how well you do it will no longer fly with your audience. To build a reputable status, you must engage with your customers and prospects and invite them to discover more about your brand.

Instagram allows you to be creative and inform your audience in more engaging ways. Posting photos and videos that align with your company culture will build awareness with your target audience and humanise your brand. Do not limit your photo sharing to overly-promotional images of your company; capture company moments, share photos of your employees and post photos of local architecture and landscapes.

Whatever your business, Instagram can open you up to a market you otherwise would not have connected with. Get in touch today if you think Instagram or any other social media marketing would benefit your business.

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