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8th September 2014

How to Leverage Your Brand with Hashtags

Although hashtags are to be found across all social media platforms, their natural home remains on Twitter. Their success is no doubt down to their ability to allow searchers to find timely content in real time. Your business may or may not track its own hashtags to find out what’s been said about it online, and if your business isn’t yet using them, it should be. In theory, your hashtag could be found on Google Search, enabling the discovery of your business for people not yet following you on Twitter.

From a branding point of view, hashtags can be very valuable if used wisely. While multinationals can afford to be very clever with their use of hashtags, it’s worth developing your hashtag strategy 1 step at a time.  At Bella Design and Marketing we also suggest clients initially restrict themselves to using hashtags on Twitter as they have been found to reduce total shares of a post on other platforms such as Facebook.  On Twitter,where hashtags are very much the currency of the platform, using one or two hashtags in tweets can increase engagement.

There are many ways to leverage your brand on Twitter. For businesses that are local or regional rather than national, how do you find such a targeted audience on Twitter? Your business can make use of your town or city’s hashtag and get involved in local conversations.  Likewise you can include your business’s location in your own tweets e.g. #Manchester.

B2B and B2C businesses can also take part in discussions around industry and consumer events for the purpose of networking, building profile or getting up to speed on current trends. Events pride themselves on having a snappy hashtag and these are released well in advance. By using the same hashtag, your business can become a part of the conversation.  By researching conference speakers and topics, you can better focus on which elements of the live stream on Twitter you wish to respond to. Your business can also tweet attendees or retweet what others have shared. Just remember to include the conference’s hashtag.

Another angle is to join Twitter Chats. You can find Twitter Chat Schedules’ online. Participating in Chats relevant to your business can raise your company profile. Those using the Chat’s hashtag are able to communicate with one another, enabling you to respond to any questions about your business and build a rapport with others.  This also makes searching for content easy.

If your business is not yet using Twitter regularly, please contact us about how we can help your business boost its profile on Twitter or indeed other social media.


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