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22nd September 2014

How to Manage a PPC Campaign

The speed at which Adwords is evolving is surprising to everyone, even  the professionals.  Today, management of any PPC Campaign whether large or small, requires keeping up to date with new developments. There is now so much more to management than simply selecting whether your ads are for the search or the display network. Ongoing campaign refinement is essential.

Some of the hard work begins upfront.  All campaigns are predicated on having sufficient understanding of marketing psychology to know what key phrases to target. Ideally, at least some of these phrases should come from your own research. It’s more expensive to chase the same phrases your competitors are targeting.

Alongside these, there is a requirement to have an extensive list of negative keywords. This requires as much research as devising your target phrases. Adwords’ recent changes to exact match and phrase match targeting, means this is now a must do. If your business was using ‘close variant’ targeting you’ll notice big changes and if you weren’t, then your business is almost certainly paying through the nose for clicks.

Enhanced Campaigns now offer many additional features such as Site Extensions and options on Bid Management, such as Time Based Bid Management and Location Based Bid Management.  Whether these are essential depends on your business, but they can help weed out poor quality clicks or focus your campaign on key markets.

How Ad Rank is computed has changed in recent times. It’s no longer ‘CPC x Quality Score’. Extensions and Formats must now be factored in and they should be used because they impact your ad positively. Get it right and ad rank will increase and CPC will go down.  If you are managing accounts of any size this is very significant in managing costs. It’s important to select the best Sitelink extensions for your campaign based on your understanding of your business and campaign objectives. For example, Call Extensions work well for some campaigns but not others.  All ads should be optimised to achieve the highest Quality Score possible.

At Bella Design and Marketing we advocate using the Flexible Bid Feature on campaigns of any size. You can optimise bids for CPC, ad position or conversion. It’s complicated, but allows better targeting of customers within the same campaign or ad group.

Incorporate RLSA into campaigns. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) allow you to target people who have previously  visited your site by adjusting copy or bids. It’s highly targeted advertising and essential in today’s competitive Adwords market.

Finally, it’s important to analyse what competitors are doing. It can be a lengthy exercise but outputs can result in important adjustments to your business’s campaign.


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