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12th November 2014

Managing Your Website With WordPress

Keeping a website up-to-date is essential for a business to draw audiences in, and keep them on your page long enough for them to learn about your products and/or services. Fresh, evolving content is necessary to encourage users to visit the site time and time again, keeping them informed and engaged with interesting and relevant insights. Having a Content Management System (CMS) gives you direct control over the content on your site, allowing you to change and update it on a regular basis.

CMS does not require you to have specialist knowledge of HTML or programming as the administrative panel integrated into the system allows you to update your content or add a new page with ease. Having a sticky site allows for the customisation of SEO-friendly URLS, page titles, meta description tags and keyword tags. This enables you to produce rich, optimised content that performs well and positively affects visibility of your website when selected keywords are searched for.

The online publishing platform WordPress is currently the Content Management System of choice with around 54% of the market using it to publish their content.

Offering a facility for fully customisable front end design, there are no limitations or restrictions on how your website will be designed. The look and functionality of your site can be amended to suit your changing requirements without altering the information content or structure of the site. The platform is also SEO friendly, with plug ins readily available to aid optimisation, ensuring your content ranks well in search engines.

WordPress is easily navigated and the process of adding pages and editing content is simple to do. All design elements are controlled by the CSS which we at Bella Design would pre-define, so it is easy to keep your site consistent and to your requirements.

The platform allows you to create multiple account users with different levels of access to the CSM, making it easier to allow a team of people to update and edit content on the site. This means that you could have one person creating the content, and another responsible for checking it over before publishing. It also provides the ability to control your website from any location. WordPress has mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone 7 and WebOS, and even gives the option to post to your site by email. Wherever you are, at any time, you can keep on top of your website.

Client Testimonial:
“Our entire website has been written in WordPress by Bella Design and Marketing. The front screens have been designed to our exact specification but remain dynamic. We also have links from there to our videos, our list sign-up form as well as to all of our social media (Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog). However, the main benefits over our old website have been how easy it is to create content and update the design of the site without losing any of the original content. Bella designed the template for our posts, news items and web pages so the look and feel is consistent, but all of the content is up to us.”
Paul Baron, Innovar Ltd

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