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11th August 2014

Do You Need a New Website?

At Bella Design and Marketing we believe the best reason for upgrading a website is because your business has outgrown it, however the fact is many businesses simply don’t think to review whether their website is really working for them. Due to technical failings many websites under perform. These are usually old websites, non-compliant websites and those built on templates for pennies. Is your business missing an opportunity?

How old is your business’s website? Chances are if it’s 5 to 10 years old or more, it’s going to look old and out dated to visitors. Modern websites are more visual in appearance.  Does it detract from your business’s image? Older websites also suffer from not being mobile compliant. You can test your website by doing a search on a mobile. If your website’s homepage doesn’t load correctly it’s not HTML 5. With mobile search growing exponentially, every business would benefit from a  website that is mobile-friendly. You many also want to consider a fully responsive website, enabling visitors to navigate the site with ease on a tablet or smartphone.

The next consideration is whether your business has direct control over content on the site or has to instruct an external party to update the site when changes are needed. This often results in websites having out of date content and owners can lose heart and interest in their site. Any serious business shouldn’t tolerate this type of situation. Make sure your business has control over your domain and consider building a new website with an integrated Content Management System (CMS) enabling you to update all content on the site yourselves.

Does the structure of your business’s website allow for frequent updates and have enough content to please Google and the other major search engines? While text heavy or text only pages are to be avoided, visitor’s tolerance will vary by sector. You do need sufficient and relevant information to gain good Google rankings and it must be displayed in an attractive way.

Does your site achieve good Google rankings? Google takes website coding very seriously and may not be able to crawl and read some sites including those built in Flash. Good, relevant, regularly updated content and modern, clean coding are both important. Older sites can also take a long time to load, which can also inhibit search engine rankings and turn off customers.

There are other considerations too. Are your directors and employees proud of their company website?  Do they like it?  Do they recommend customers and friends to visit it?  What do your customers think of it? How does it compare to competitor sites?

If you find time to review your company website during August and feel it needs to be replaced please give us a call, we would be delighted to help

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