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13th February 2015

Should you outsource to a marketing agency?

With the rise of digital marketing, and the need by many businesses to adapt their marketing strategies to stay competitive in their industry, we are taking a look at the benefits of outsourcing your business’ marketing to an integrated agency.

Whilst for bigger companies, it is often important to have an in-house marketing team, for smaller businesses it can be costly to pay a dedicated marketing employee a salary if your marketing needs vary month-to-month. Outsourcing to a marketing agency allows you to pay for the services you need, for as little or as long as you require. It can be difficult to find one person to deliver on all counts, from copywriting, strategy, social media and PR to graphic design, web design and search, direct marketing and advertising. What you require is a super-hire, and they are very few and far between.

If marketing is not a core activity of your business, you may lack the specific expertise to develop and execute a creative marketing campaign. As marketers we are not jack of all trades, we are specialists in creating engaging, evolving messages that resonate with your target audience and eventually, increase sales and awareness of your brand.

Outsourcing frees up your time to focus on the areas of your business where you add the most value. It is important to business success that marketing is not put on the back burner simply because you don’t have the time, skill set or know-how to effectively execute your strategy. The beauty of appointing an integrated agency is that you get experts who can tap into what you need, when you need it, and how you need to do it. It is important for you and your team to stick with your core competencies, focus on what you’re great at, and let a marketing agency step in and execute the marketing functions successfully.

Working with an agency such as Bella Design & Marketing gives you access to marketing expertise and institutional knowledge. Your business will benefit from the experience of our marketing and design team, bringing to the table our familiarity with the many marketing channels and opportunities that are readily available to be used to your advantage. A marketing agency such as Bella Design & Marketing will bring fresh ideas and an objective point of view. For a busy company, opportunities may be missed, but we will combine our objective perspective with knowledge and experience, providing you with a marketing campaign that exceeds your expectations.

To have a successful and fruitful relationship with an integrated agency, a core component is that they truly know and understand your company and its needs. Bella Design & Marketing are adept at developing finely tuned strategies, applying our specialist knowledge of the latest marketing innovations and techniques; we will work with you to create a targeted strategy focused on achieving and exceeding your business objectives.

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