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13th March 2014

Parallax Scrolling

Here at Bella, our creative team is always excited by the advent of new and innovative digital design techniques. One of the latest trends on the web is interactive parallax scrolling, which presents unusual visual transitions and creates an illusion of 3D depth. This, in turn, allows for a captivating and unique user experience, exemplified by the website we created recently for King Street Energy. The company, which specialises in underground salt cavern gas storage, needed a new website to present their project in an informative, yet stylish way. A potentially dry subject matter has been brought to life by Parallax scrolling techniques, whereby multiple backgrounds appear to move at varying speeds across the screen, both horizontally and vertically. Take a look at the website here:

An added benefit of Parallax websites is that they are essentially one page sites. This significantly reduces the bounce rate of website visitors as they are encouraged to continue scrolling down the ‘home page’, instead of leaving to view other, additional pages.

Parallax is the perfect tool for telling the ‘story’ of your company in a compelling and visually interesting way. Call us now to find out more: 01565 757 825.

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