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15th December 2014

Property Marketing; A How to Guide

As the marketing world continues to develop at a rapid rate, with digital playing an increasingly important part in the marketing mix, we’ve taken a look at some of the top ways to promote your properties in a visually captivating, yet informative way.


Creating a bespoke, powerful visual identity will set your development apart, empowering you to stand out from the crowd in this highly competitive sector. Scheme-specific branding will ensure your development’s key messages resonate with your target audience in an eye-catching and engaging way.


Providing versatility and longevity, iBrochures can be easily updated with fresh photography, prices and availability details, meaning there is no cost for reprinting brochures when information changes. Built for full compatibility on all devices, iBrochures are a flexible marketing solution. They can be embedded into websites and e-marketing campaigns as a download, used as an effective presentation tool in face-to-face meetings, shared on a data stick and via email.

iBrochures provide the perfect opportunity to showcase properties in a superior and versatile way. With the integration of interactive floor plans and location maps detailing the property’s proximity to nearby amenities and road networks, your iBrochure will immediately capture your audiences’ attention.

Social media

A marketing tool available to all businesses, social media platforms, when used effectively, will increase your brand and developments’ visibility, reaching prospects you would otherwise not communicate with. By using keywords with hashtags placed at the beginning your posts will have a much wider reach, enabling you to interact directly with the property market e.g. #commercial #property.

It is important to keep messages relevant and interesting without being overly self-promotional. You must demonstrate to your followers that you are not just using social media as a means to sell space, but that you are interested in the wider property market. Share industry stories, news related to the city or region where your developments are located and build rapport with prospects and your target audience.

Video marketing

Video marketing provides an optimal opportunity to showcase your property in a unique, creative and visual way. Giving your prospects a virtual tour of the available space gives them an initial idea of the space and layout of the property.


A quicker, more effective virtual form of mail marketing, e-marketing enables you to deliver the right message and information to a targeted database of potential buyers. Campaigns can include regular newsletters to your existing client base, keeping them updated on your latest developments, or direct sales campaigns for specific developments.

To encourage interaction with your audience, e-marketing campaigns can include downloadable brochures, videos and web links in the email body, providing you with a flexible, creative and cost effective means of communicating with your market.


Bella Design and Marketing has extensive experience of working in the property sector, and with that comes an understanding of how to effectively and creatively market property developments. Whether your property expertise is in the office, industrial, retail or investment sectors, we have the enthusiasm and commitment to successfully provide your company with collateral that will put you above your competition.

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