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13th November 2014

The Rise of Digital Marketing

“Digital is not a channel that sits alone any more. In fact, I am not even sure that calling digital a channel really works. In most real-life cases, it is simply marketing.” (Marketing Week, 23 October, 2014)

In recent years we have seen digital go through explosive growth, with worldwide reach. Traditional marketing no longer lies at the forefront of a campaign. Whilst it is still integral to raising and maintaining brand awareness, online marketing has risen through the ranks to sit parallel with offline.
Staying abreast of the latest and most effective marketing trends is crucial to a business’ success. There is a need to stay relevant and keep up with the rapid developments of technologies, and the ways in which we communicate. These new developments have forced businesses to take a look at their marketing strategies and account for the new tools that can reach real customers in a more personalised way.

When working seamlessly together, digital and traditional marketing allow for a more uniformed experience. Print, broadcast, direct mail and advertisements combined with new innovations, including; social media, content marketing, infographics, video marketing (and more) can be a powerful blend of tools to effectively promote your business and stand out.

Digital is social. As customers are increasingly becoming ‘phone or tablet first’ users, businesses must ensure a positive experience for all. People rely on their smartphones throughout their day-to-day life, sending emails, browsing the web and interacting on social media and there is a need to adapt to the latest trends, or lose out to competitors who are innovative forward-thinkers.

Social media is a fruitful platform when used effectively. These platforms give businesses an opportunity to build brand equity, raising awareness of their products and/or services by reaching a much wider demographic. Social media allows for businesses to directly target those who are interested in their products and/or services and would like to stay updated on all the latest news and developments from the company.

Another recent phenomenon taking the marketing world by storm is content marketing. The phrase ‘Content is King’ is used by many digital marketers to communicate the importance of creating valuable, engaging and relevant content to populate your website and social media channels. Providing insight and entertainment to your audience helps to build rapport with your target demographic, building your reputation and positioning your business as an industry thought leader. Producing content designed for a specific audience will garner the right attention and help towards fostering customer loyalty.

Whilst we are certain traditional marketing methods are not dying out just yet, we are certain of the effect of digital marketing. Combining online and offline will provide your business with a strong campaign, targeting the right demographic and making certain your brand message is heard loud and clear. Here at Bella Design and Marketing, our team of marketers are experienced in working with clients across a range of industries, to produce powerful campaigns both through traditional routes and newer digital methods.

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