Our lead designer working on a corporate brand design

Brand design and strategy

Is your business planning to update, evolve or replace its brand identity? Are you looking for design and branding expertise from a well-established agency? We work with regional, national and international businesses to translate their brand strategy into a distinctive brand design.

Bella Design & Marketing helps businesses translate their brand strategy into a distinctive brand identity.

A brand design must work across diverse platforms including print and digital. Whether you require a completely new brand identity or want to refresh an existing brand we will work with you to help achieve your objectives.

The importance of brand design

Great branding will set your business or product apart from your competition and ensure that your key messaging resonates with your target audience. Once a brand gains recognition it becomes a powerful marketing tool, helping set the tone for the business along with a level of expectancy for quality and service.

Take a look at some of the brand designs we have created here.

A brand design created for Eternity

We believe great brand design requires a collaborative effort involving client input throughout the process. Our talented team of designers and marketers will work closely with you to ensure your new or updated brand identity works for your business, transforming a brief into an effective brand treatment.

Upon completion of the project a brand guidelines document can be created to help you maintain control over your brand, ensuring consistency wherever it is to be used.

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