Social media marketing

Specialising in social media marketing for the B2B & B2C sectors.

How effective is your current social media strategy?

At Bella Design and Marketing we offer social media marketing as an integrated element of any marketing campaign.

The number of social media users is constantly on the rise and it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a presence online. Many businesses regard social media as too time consuming and often don’t fully grasp the mechanisms needed to develop an ongoing, successful strategy.

Social media can help place your business in front of your clients, customers and prospects. If your business is not yet proactively using social media or is doing so without a clear strategy, you are missing out on a great opportunity to engage and interact with your clients and customers.

Our method

We will work with you to develop a strong social media strategy and campaign, targeting the relevant audience and communicating with them in real time. We will help you develop your business’ presence online, fostering customer loyalty and attracting new customers and clients. If people like what you’re doing and start actively engaging and sharing content on their own social media pages, your posts will reach a whole new audience, helping to rapidly develop your following.

We can produce weekly or monthly social media schedules; showcasing new products/services, promotional offers, announcements, news and blog posts to be shared with your audience via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Working with you in a collaborative way to ensure the most relevant and up-to-date news is being communicated to your clients and customers will guarantee that we are making the most of your online presence.


With this comes regular evaluation. We will analyse what is and isn’t working on your social media platforms, and where you should be focusing your efforts. Our monthly reports will provide you with all the relevant information on how often your audience engages with your posts and what most interests them. This will enable us to better develop and improve your campaign month on month.

Why Bella?

Not all companies are best suited to the same social media forums; audiences can be targeted on different sites where content is relayed in different formats. Bella Design & Marketing is adept in identifying how best to promote your business on one or multiple platforms.

We can help you bridge the gap in expertise so your business can take advantage of the opportunities offered by social media. Our sector expertise is wide ranging and includes engineering, manufacturing, renewable energy, recycling, consultancy, leisure, agriculture, publishing and commercial and residential property amongst many.

Do you have a project that we can help with?