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7th March 2019

Six Reasons Why You Should Choose a Boutique Agency

six reasons why you should choose a boutique agency

A boutique agency, can often be overlooked for a multi-national agency, with the general consensus being ‘bigger is better’, but what if we told you that choosing a smaller agency can offer far more perks?

1. You are number one
As a boutique agency with a smaller team, we can have a closer professional relationship with our clients. Ultimately, we offer a service that will enable you to consider Bella Design & Marketing as a bolt-on marketing and design agency for your business.

2.Efficient workflow
International agencies can often have a long and extensive hierarchical system, meaning that client briefs can become diluted and as a result lose focus on the overall objectives of the campaign. At Bella Design & Marketing, with a flatter business model, communication is quicker and smoother, meaning the client brief is more easily understood and executed.

3. Remove the Red Tape
With a multi-national agency, there can be a lot of red tape, which can often slow a project right down resulting in lost impetus and enthusiasm from both client and agency. Our approach is a simple one; we keep our clients’ requirements front and centre throughout the project and communicate in a clear, concise way.

4. Cut expenses
By their very nature, boutique agencies, have lower overheads and the savings on costs can be passed directly onto our clients. Working with a boutique agency doesn’t have to mean sacrifice on the quality of talent available to you either. All members of our team are every bit as talented and focused as you will find at any agency in the world.

5. Constantly challenged
We never forget that our clients are working in a challenging environment, requiring fresh thinking to deliver a measurable ROI from their agency. Smaller agencies can innovate new approaches to meet changing needs. At Bella Design & Marketing, we are able to offer creative solutions which you might not get with larger agencies that often work on a bloated budget.

6. Excellence and Flexibility
The ongoing success of Bella Design & Marketing depends on our flexible approach and our ability to deliver peerless work to our clients. Every member of our team is an expert in their field, but not precious enough to believe they are always right.

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