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2nd March 2015

The role of social media in driving sales

As more businesses establish a social presence, the belief that social media is focused on consumers diminishes. What was once a platform for targeting consumers and promoting products has now become a platform for building relationships, listening to conversations and communicating with customers and prospects.

It is important to recognise that social media cannot be used as the sole driver of increased sales. It is not guaranteed, automatic or instantaneous. Social media is a contributing factor if executed correctly, but it is one of many that should be used to nurture prospects and maximise sales.

A powerful tool to increase visibility, social media enables companies to directly target their relevant audience and communicate with them in real-time. You can lead a prospect to your business, but you cannot make them buy from you. It is an effective strategy to getting on your target audiences’ radar, and initiating conversation that could eventually lead to a business deal if they believe a partnership could form.

Building rapport with clients and prospects by posting helpful, educational and stimulating content will add an element of trust with your audience, and position you as an industry expert and thought leader. People tend to buy from and work with those they trust, and regular communication via social media can add a comfort level needed to move to the next step in a business relationship.

By regularly posting blogs, news stories, industry news, videos and imagery, your target audience can build a deeper understanding of your business, your brand personality and your current client base. Showcasing your products and/or services in a broader context will tell your brand’s story, enabling prospects to identify with you, building on your brand awareness, aiding customer engagement and fostering customer loyalty.

With an increased number of people becoming mobile first, many decision-makers are turning to the internet as a key starting point to find their business solutions. Social media provides another avenue for businesses to gain insight into who you are as a business and where your specialties lie. Share knowledge, insight, expertise and opinions that will encourage your audience to think more highly of you. Establishing your business as an expert in the industry will help prospects to keep you at the forefront of their mind. Amplifying your online information and content to reach your target audience will increase the possibility of reaching your target audience and letting them know your business is relevant to them.

The effective use of social platforms can also help drive extra traffic to your website, improving your website’s ranking in search engine results organically. Sharing links to your webpages on your social channels now have a big influence on your placement in search engines, so when prospects research businesses in your industry, your social media presence will help push your website up the rankings, increasing the chances of people finding your company in their searches.

Social media has become a very important channel for engagement. With nearly 2 billion monthly active users across the different platforms, and figures still on the rise, social media is a marketing tool that has the ability to penetrate a larger, targeted audience faster than traditional methods. Investment in digital marketing is on the rise, and B2Bs are increasingly recognising the need to build brand awareness and relationships to stay ahead in their industry.

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