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27th November 2014

Social Media for Businesses; Helpful Hints and Tips

“Social Media is one of the most powerful weapons in a marketer’s arsenal when it comes to boosting brand awareness, particularly for consumer-focused brands but for the first time it has also come out as the most effective digital channel for B2B marketers” (Marketing Week, October 2014).

With the use of social media constantly on the rise, now has never been a better time for businesses to get to grips with the different platforms available. We’ve written some top tips to help you on your way to becoming a social media whiz.

Monitor Keywords:

Put some thought into what words you think best define your business. Once you have 3-5, search for these on Twitter to see how other people integrate them into their posts. This will enable you to maximise return on investment, giving you greater exposure to your target audience.

Schedule your Posts:

Posts scheduled for broadcast first thing in the morning or during lunch hours are the most popular times to reach the masses.

Don’t forget to #hashtag (where appropriate):

Hashtags are a great way of targeting content. Used before relevant keywords, they give your tweet maximum exposure. By using popular words that communicate your business services and/or products, you will increase the visibility of your post within the twitter sphere. Just remember, hashtags must NOT be used on every word. #Do #not #overuse #the #hashtag.

Don’t Oversell:

People are turned off by companies that use social media for the sole purpose of promoting their products and/or services. Share content that is relevant to your business, but that will engage and interest your target audience.

 Draw attention to your website:

By promoting your content on social media, not only are you generating a buzz for each new blog or news article you publish, but you will enhance presence on your website. Redirecting your audience to your site gives them an opportunity to learn more about your business.

Use LinkedIn to promote your individual services:

LinkedIn Showcase gives companies an even bigger platform to demonstrate their competencies and their USP. This new extension to your Company Page promotes your areas of expertise and enables you to share content with a targeted audience, increasing engagement and enabling you to build authority in everything that you do.

 Use Analytics:

Analyse your campaign, its successes and failures. Use these analytics to develop your understanding of what content works for you and your audience. Learn more about engagement, and use these results to progress your social media strategy.


If you’re business is looking to social media to further build brand awareness, but could use some guidance, call us today.

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