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12th September 2018

Taking on Tough Mudder

Last weekend our Account Executive, Emily took part in the North West 10mile Tough Mudder, to raise money for AMMF, a charity close to her heart.

Taking a total of three and a half hours, Emily completed 23 obstacles, which was no mean feat! Braving an iced water pool, running through 10,000 volts of electric wires, scaling 10-foot-high vertical walls and of course wading her way through plenty of mud, she made it in one piece – minus a few cuts and bruises.

So far she has raised £555 from her JustGiving Page, and on top of that has received a generous donation of £250 from NatWest!

Despite the gruelling nature of this event, Emily thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is delighted to have taken part – she is even considering doing it again in the near future!

Most importantly, Emily is thrilled to have contributed to further funding for AMMF, a wonderful cause. She is of course extremely grateful for all the generous donations and support she received along the way, all of which helped her achieve this amazing milestone.

Well-done Emily!


If you would like to donate to this cause please see the link to Emily’s JustGiving page below:

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