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7th July 2017

The debate between print and digital


In today’s business landscape, everybody appears to be completely focussed on their online marketing campaigns. Improving the user experience on websites, and connecting with customers on social media platforms are top of everyone’s agenda.

Whilst there are many rewards to be reaped through digital marketing, businesses should not forget about the more traditional, tried and tested route of print lead marketing.

Benefits of traditional marketing

  • Businesses can easily reach their target audience, for example mailbox flyers will go to households or businesses within a selected postcode area.
  • The materials can be kept, read and browsed over and over again.
  • The US Post Office tested a range of the same content in digital and physical formats. The results showed physical content scored far higher when it came to things like review time, engagement, memory retrieval accuracy and stimulation.
  • It’s easy to understand because people are used to traditional print based marketing
  • Receiving a great piece of print design can feel much more personal and provides businesses with the opportunity to promote their values, ethos and qualities with a beautifully deigned and produced brochure

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