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6th March 2018

The growth of infographics as a communication tool

Our designer working on an advertisement for Novelis

Infographics are a powerful tool for conveying information in a simple, visual and impactful way which will resonate with your target audience. The marketing landscape is becoming increasingly crowded and it’s never been more important to create content that cuts through the noise. Infographics can help you do this, allowing you to communicate with your audience more effectively.

Infographics are a flexible marketing tool which can be used effectively across digital and printed collateral. They also work really well with social media as users are much more likely to engage with images as opposed to plain text. They are easy to digest which increases the chances that they are going to be noticed and read. Infographics can be used effectively across a range of sectors in both B2B and B2C businesses.

Infographics can also be a useful tool to communicate internally with your employees and stakeholders. They can facilitate decision making by highlighting key facts and information. They may also speed up the decision making process and make it more accurate. Infographics help to simplify communication so they can be useful when installing new processes or systems as your employees are likely to be more engaged with the message.

Infographics can be used effectively in –

  • Printed and digital brochures to simplify and convey complex data
  • Annual reports to help present results in an engaging way
  • Sales presentations to help make your messages more impactful and therefore memorable
  • Advertising campaigns to help increase natural recall of your brand or product

Some recent examples of infographics we’ve created for clients can be seen below –




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