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8th October 2021

The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation Launches Safe Play Campaign

Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation launches safe play campaign

The Bella team is proud to work with The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation. Founded by the iconic Sir Bobby Charlton, the organisation strives to improve the lives of those affected by landmines and other remnants of war through a range of humanitarian, educational and research projects.








To celebrate Sir Bobby’s birthday in October and 10 years of the SBCF, a brand new campaign, Safe Play, has launched. Safe Play will offer children from landmine / ERW communities across the globe, a safe zone, to play freely without fear. Bringing peace of mind to parents and their children who experience danger from explosive remnants of war on a daily basis. Safe Play will target areas of the world where the explosive legacy of war continues to inflict serious injury, rob young people of their childhoods, lock them into poverty and threaten lives.

The first Safe Play site in Cambodia was generously funded by The Manchester United Foundation. The charity is now looking to raise funds for their next development in Mosul, Iraq. The Safe Play Zone will act as a community hub where families can gather, share skills and knowledge and take part in communal events. The safe area will be established and maintained in partnership with schools and local leaders in the target communities in Mosul, Iraq. Not only will each Safe Play Zone include a football pitch / sports field but also a children’s playground and a mine risk reduction education library.

Head to the SBCF website to read more about Safe Play and to donate.

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