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4th September 2014

Top Tips To a Greener Life

One of our clients, Novelis Recycling UK, is the global leader in aluminium rolled products and the world’s largest recycler of aluminium. We provide Novelis with numerous services, including; CMS, PPC, Web Design, eMarketing and PR. Our work with this global company has led us to appreciate the importance of recycling, and how we can work towards including it in our everyday lives. Wanting to and committing to taking part in going green are not mutually exclusive, follow our guide to a cleaner, greener life.

  • Recycle at work – Don’t let the groans from anti-recycling colleagues put you off. Working in a green environment has to start with one advocate, so why not promote yourself to head of recycling at work?! If you have a fizzy can with your sandwich at lunch, don’t put it in the bin with paper, separate it up and companies like Novelis Recycling can recycle and repackage the aluminium cans


  • Turn recycling into a habit – for recycling to develop into a part of your everyday life, it must be habitual. It’s no good remembering to recycle every now and again; it needs to become as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth, or remembering to take a shower. Once it becomes a regular activity, it’s like riding a bike, the skill stays with you forever!


  • Reuse where possible – Do you find yourself buying water bottles on a regular basis and discarding the bottle once finished? Why not keep the bottle and refill when you’re next in need of a refresher. Another great tip is to keep old coffee jars, jam jars and the like to reuse as vases for your fruitful supply of flowers or create mood setters by turning them into candles holders


  • Buy bigger bins – whilst the council are helpful in promoting recycling at home, are the recycling bins provided really big enough to handle a week’s worth of recycling? If you find yourself with an overflowing bin, it’s time to dig deep into your pockets, bite the bullet and buy a bigger bin! It may seem wasteful to some, but long term, you’ll feel great knowing your waste isn’t really going to waste. Helping the planet one day at a time


  • Green to go – if you don’t fancy a hot beverage first thing in the morning but the thought of commuting without your flat white or green tea isn’t a pleasant one, why not BYOB (bring your own brew). Carrying your own tea, brewed to perfection, or a coffee with just the right caffeine hit perfected just for you, will warm your body and soul ready for the day ahead. Satisfied by the time you get to work, you’ll also feel tingly inside knowing you’re a green machine, wasting fewer ‘to go’ paper cups from old favourites like Starbucks and Costa


  • Research – Making time to learn about recycling might seem like a chore in itself, but if you’re ready to take the leap and go green, you should know all the facts and embrace it wholly. And whilst you’re at it, don’t stop at recycling, learn to love all things green

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