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7th July 2014

Why You Should Use Schema Mark Up

Bella Design and Marketing prides itself on keeping clients up to date with the latest SEO developments.

Historically the internet and business communities have been preoccupied with Google rankings. However a number of developments, including changes to the layout of the serps (search engine results pages), no longer guarantee high rankings are synonymous with high traffic. It’s also true competition for the most popular words and phrases is growing all the time.

There are a number of ways to compensate for this. One thing businesses can do is to develop active blogs. Another is to reduce reliance on Google by exploring social media.  While these are effective ways to increase traffic, they require ongoing commitment and therefore a strategy needs to be in place.

Click Through Rates (CTR) are commonly discussed in relation to PPC but not the serps. Yet being able to significantly improve CTR in the serps goes some way to offsetting any changes Google makes.

Schema Mark Up is a specific form of HTML allowing a business to make their entries in the serps more attractive to searchers. At the same time this code assists the search engines to understand the content on the page. Any entry in the serps incorporating additional links to the page will use Schema Mark Up. Wikipedia’s pages  are good examples to take a look at.

The internet is becoming more complex year on year. Different types of content present a challenge for search engines whose role is to decipher the meaning of pages. Unlike a blog or social media, Schema Mark Up requires no ongoing support. Once it’s been incorporated into a page, that’s it, unless the page changes dramatically.

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