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1st September 2014

A website created for your property portfolio

Whether your business develops or lets property, a custom designed website can help you realise the full potential of your property portfolio. At Bella Design and Marketing we have extensive experience of developing websites and digital brochures for local,regional and national property companies

Property is a competitive sector regardless of whether rents and values are increasing or not. Bella Design and Marketing work with our property clients so their businesses can harness the web to make the most of their brand and business online. Branding is central to making your business stand out and helps support design and pricing strategies.

A customer friendly website designed specifically for your development company or property portfolio is the best platform from which to base any marketing campaign. Construction companies, landlords and development companies need their assets to work hard since only by selling or letting is the profit potential of the investment realised.

A design-led, future proof website can help your business make the most of its assets, Bella Design and Marketing works in partnership with clients at each stage of the design process to ensure the final design meets your brief. We are able to deal with all aspects of branding, website design and build in house. The resulting website will appeal to your target client base and be straightforward for your business to operate without the need for ongoing support. We also offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, so that your new website will rank well in the major search engines for your target searches.  Ongoing changes by search engines such as Google mean professional help can really assist with maintaining and building organic website traffic. All our websites work across all platforms, ensuring your website displays correctly on laptop and mobile devices, a key requirement for the property sector.

There is widespread agreement that lifestyle factors are important for selling or letting both commercial and residential property. Therefore it’s no surprise that great photography and well written, engaging copy are important. We will commission professional photography for your website and write content for the website as required.

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