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25th September 2014

Welcome to Our New Social Media and PR Account Manager

We are delighted to welcome Hannah England as our new Social Media and PR Account Manager.

Bringing with her a passion for creating exciting, fresh new content, Hannah will be working with our clients to drive their businesses forward via social media and PR channels, adding further value to our current offering. Her experience comes from working with clients across a range of industries including; education, hospitality, architecture, property, entertainment and retail.

With approximately 1.8 billion social media users worldwide, now has never been a better time for businesses to integrate it into their marketing strategy. A powerful tool to increase visibility, it enables companies to directly target their core audience and communicate with them in real-time.

The figures for active social media account holders globally are constantly on the rise, with more than half of all internet users having at least one online account, giving companies an opportunity to communicate their most relevant and up-to-date news, products and service ranges to a substantial number of customers and prospects.

We are looking forward to working with clients to deliver strong campaigns both in the media and through social networking, in line with our continued growth in delivering effective digital graphic design and marketing campaigns.

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