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20th November 2014

Twitter Hashtags; What Are They and How Do You Use Them?

As Twitter continues to take the digital world by storm, hashtags have become an integral part of communication. But is your business still struggling with the concept? Are you thinking ‘what is a hashtag and why do I need them?’ Here we’re going to lay down the basics, we’ll explain the meaning behind the twitter phenomenon, and help you understand what hashtags would work best for your business.

There is method behind the hashtag sensation. Hashtags are used before relevant keywords to give your tweet maximum exposure. Using popular words that communicate your business services and/or products will increase the visibility of your post within the twitter sphere. Anyone who searches for the word you have ‘hashtagged’ may find your post and click through to your Twitter page.

Let’s take Bella Design and Marketing as an example. Our most common and effective hashtags are ‘#digital’, ‘#marketing’, ‘#socialmedia’ and ‘#content’. With these keywords integrated into our tweets, our posts reach a much wider audience than just our direct followers, giving our brand greater exposure.

The search bar at the right-hand side of the Twitter webpage gives you the ability to research popular keywords that best describe your business. For example, if you are in the office property sector, an obvious hashtag would be ‘#officeproperty’. By finding the most common keywords, you can then begin to include these in your tweets. Watch the interest in your twitter profile quickly rise!

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