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18th January 2013

What’s in a name? Top tips for branding success

Branding is one of the most important factors in marketing and advertising. But what are the magic ingredients that go into making a successful brand? One that connects with its audience and ultimately sells the product. Try our 5 simple tips to get you started:

1. Project meaning and feeling in just one word or phrase
2. The name is easy to pronounce, spell and remember
3. The name and strapline communicates without explanation
4. The graphic works across all print and digital media
5. Your brand is presented consistently

This week Bella Design saw the completion of branding and marketing collateral for The Hub, a new office instruction for commercial property consultants, Matthews & Goodman.

The Hub - Warrington - Branding

The branding challenge here was to present the building (fully fitted call centre accommodation) as a hive of activity, relating specifically to the world of telecommunications.

Bella’s brand name ‘The Hub’ encapsulates a dynamic office environment, conveying a sense of connection and sharing of information.

The four circles featured within the logo are a subtle allusion to traditional telephone buttons and provide a simple but strong graphical icon, whilst the strident red and black colour palette denotes a feeling of energy and success.

The branding has been integrated effectively across a range of marketing materials including an electronic ibrochure, property boards, signage and print advertising. The ibrochure, which features an annotated aerial photograph and interactive image gallery, has been optimised for emailing, printing and embedding in websites, providing a versatile and cost-effective property marketing solution.

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