Bringing ideas to life for 55 King Street

Bella Design & Marketing were commissioned by Orbit Developments to design large-scale wall artwork for installation into the available ground floor space at 55 King Street

The brief

The aim of the wall artwork was to help prospective tenants visualize the opportunities available when viewing the units. Empty space can often be uninspiring so the impact of visually strong wall artwork is a great way to help set the scene for how the space could look.

The design

The artwork had to be inspiring and it had to be consistent with the existing marketing collateral. It also had to work on a large-scale, being impactful but also not overbearing.

The shape of the walls also needed to be considered, as not all walls are rectangular with straight edges! Some of the walls where the vinyls were being applied had uneven edges; one of the walls has stairs, which the vinyl needed to go around, and most had complex characteristics such as adjoining walls, and features that needed to be considered in the design.

The result

Orbit developments are delighted with the results; the wall art is visually impactful and inspiring, whilst also being informative and showcasing the potential of the space.


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