GenX Responsive Website Design

GenX Aerospace

GenX Aerospace, a technology start-up in the aerospace sector, required a new website for their innovative, disruptive brand. Working with the company’s existing brand identity, Bella’s design and development team created a unique single-page website, using Parallax scrolling functionality. The backdrop of the site features a futuristic skyscape with a subtle animated cloud effect. A vertical ‘breadcrumb’ style menu allows the user to navigate easily between the various sections of the site. A more traditional menu bar is also available to ensure optimum user experience.

The website has been built with longevity in mind, allowing for scalability in line with the company’s ongoing expansion. Products and solutions which are currently in the development stage will be given greater prominence on the site when they are officially launched into the marketplace. At a stage when the company is seeking financial investment, the new website gives authority to the brand and provides a high-tech online presence reflecting the cutting-edge innovation which epitomises the ethos of the business.


Visit the GenX website here:



GenX Responsive Mobile Website

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